The Alfred Collection appeared on our radar through a client recommendation and has been part of the Groote Engel pop-up store. 

The brands's sublime scarf and blanket collection by designers Marie Mees and Catherine Bisasino has grown season by season alongside the homeware line of the same name. 

Designed in Belgium and produced by home weavers in both Kashmir and France - from locally sourced sustainable cashmere yarns and and Bolivian baby llama wool - The Alfred Collection's accessories are softer, lighter and more beautifully tactile than any other we have seen. 

The perfect imperfections of the beautifully coloured scarves - produced without any mechanical input entirely by hand - and the soft, fluffy warmth of the blankets and blanket scarves add to the line's value and timelessness. 

Engel Agency represents The Alfred Collection's accessories line in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg as well as Germany and Austria.

The Alfred Collection

Image by Alexander Popelier, courtesy of @thealfredcollection.