We fell in love with Spanish brand Alguien as soon as we first smelt their spicy-woody unisex signature perfume. 

It mixes the brand creators' roots and memories with the contemporary world of art, crafts, fashion and perfumery and sits at the very heart of the brand Alguien.

Based in Barcelona, Alguien turn to the most interesting traditional factories and manufacturers all over the world to infuse old and traditional manufacturing techniques with their own contemporary take to create something new and intriguing in the process.

Creative collaborative efforts with iconic French glass manufacturer Duralex, traditional British comb makers Kent, Basque beret makers Elosegui, fabric manufacturers  such as Thomas Mason, Cottonificio Albini, Albiate and Somelos make Alguien a delight to explore.

We at Engel are delighted to be able to introduce our clients to this unique Spanish concept brand. 

We represent Alguien in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. 



Image courtesy of @alguien.official.